He Has Something Big On Them

Republican lawmakers aren’t continuing to support Donald Trump just because they like him.

Photo by Jonathan Poncelet

Why is it most of the world knows Donald Trump is corrupt, incompetent, and crazy but the Republicans think they’ll get away with doing nothing to help take him out of office, or worse, continuing to loudly support him? Senator Lindsey Graham comes to mind along with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Those guys are acting like kamikaze pilots out to destroy themselves.

There’s bound to be a reason.

“Impeachment?” they say as if it’s the silliest thing they ever heard. Republican leaders pretend they have no problems with Herr Trump’s criminal conduct and disagreed loudly when the Democrat-controlled House started impeachment proceedings. It would appear they’re either collectively out of their minds or think the voters are stupid. But appearances are deceiving and there’s another reason Republicans may be doggedly supporting Trump even though they know this isn’t going to turn out well for them.

Why would they even think they can shirk their duties and leave a man who is not only apparently suffering from dementia, but is an unrepentant liar and crook in the Oval Office? They know better than the public or the media that he’s a criminal and his fate, like most criminals, is he’ll be brought to justice. At first glance it seems improbably that any skilled politician would risk his career over another politician. They don’t do that. What the hell is wrong with them? Are they like the demon-possessed pigs in the Bible; who all run off a cliff together?

What would Trump have to do before Republican lawmakers would do their duty and get busy helping the Democrats impeach him — nuke a small country?

When someone like Rand Paul or Lindsey Graham tries to act like there’s nothing wrong with Trump it is not only maddening but amazingly stupid. They know like everyone else. He’s disastrous to the country. He’s a sleazy real estate guy who was once on a reality show. Now he’s approaching traitor status. He is poisoning the USA in international circles. Come on, guys.

Republican legislators need to forget party loyalty and rise to the level of decency appropriate for a duly elected U.S. lawmaker sworn to protect the Constitution. Without doing so, they will face angry constituents at home who will probably never cast another vote for them. They know this.

It’s mind-boggling how far we have fallen in the eyes of the world since he became president. He’s lied so many times people have stopped counting or even expecting him to say anything truthful. He’s a world-wide joke that would be funny if the joke wasn’t on the nation.

The book, “Warning” is coming out in a week or so and the 20 or 30 people who don’t know how crazy and dangerous he is will find out the truth from what’s in that book and the publicity surrounding it. Additionally, John Bolton is probably going to drop a bombshell that will make Trump’s impeachment not only proper, but imperative to the security of the country. Trump should not have made an enemy of Bolton. That’s a mean bastard.

But it won’t matter. The Republicans are determined not to see the emperor has no clothes. They’re like children holding their fingers in their ears while keeping their eyes tightly closed and shouting “lalala” to keep from seeing or hearing the dysfunction of this administration.

It’s completely predictable that the people are going to kick every damned one of them out of office when they face re-elections. It is also completely the right thing for the voters to do. Republicans in the legislature are not doing their duty and voters will react appropriately at the polls.

There are only a few possible answers why Republicans stick with Trump. They’re mentally ill, sold out, bribed, or compromised to do the jobs the people hired them to do. Sending them home is a good idea. That’s only common sense, but the reasons Repubicans won’t accept their sworn duties should be exposed. There are no doubt very interesting reasons.

Trump, in his proposed budgets, takes an aim at everything the average voter loves. His failing base has yet to look closely at that budget proposal. Tax cuts are nothing more than vote-buying with taxpayer revenue. If Trump proposes another tax cut, it will be one that involves more money for the rich. He will continue to attack one beloved or revered thing after another until he’s enraged the whole country; including his base. His party will bear the burden of his incompetence and anti-Democracy, pro-dictator stance.

Whatever he has on them must be horrendous.

It’s obvious most Republicans in the House and Senate have their hands so deeply in the cookie jar they can’t afford to go against Trump. They’re so seriously compromised they’re sticking with him even though they know doing so will almost certainly end their political careers. It’s an amazing thing to watch. No one purposely endangers their chances of being re-elected just to be nice to the president. No one. Ever.

Whew, the dossiers he has on them must be bad. Very, very bad, as Trump would say. He must have enough on most of them to send them away for a long time in handcuffs and shackles. There’s simply no other plausible reason a politician with an ounce of savvy would hold on so desperately to the rapidly sinking ship that is sleazy Trump.

When there are no good choices and it comes down to choosing the lesser of two consquential actions it’s going to be an inevitably hard landing. Republican lawmakers — lawbreakers is more fitting— had rather sabotage their political careers than risk whatever Trump is threatening. This can’t be some little thing they can put away before re-election. No, there is some unthinkable consequence if they do not support him. Watch closely. It may be possible to discern who is most compromised and terrified of exposure by the extent of their support for the mortally wounded Trump administration.

Giving up a political career — after padding one’s pockets as full as possible — isn’t so bad compared to going to prison. They probably won’t have to get a job, theiving crooks that they are.

Wonder what Trump has to use for blackmail ? It would be interesting to know, because their seemingly idiotic support of Trump — despite the handwriting so clearly on the wall — can only mean that to do otherwise would be personally devastating. Their wives, at home in their mansions, are probably telling them to keep supporting him and to hell with politics. For those who’ve been around a long time, the payoffs have been so substantial the mansion is mortgage-free. Insurance for life and all the other benefits of being a former senator or congressman versus a possible prison sentence is a no-brainer.

It can be determined who has the biggest exposure by how loudly they support the man who thinks he’s the Godfather. The voters and the Justice Department (if we had one) should keep a close eye on lawmakers continuing to support Trump. They know such action is going to leave an indelible mark and they aren’t doing it because they like him or because it’s politically safe. It’s probably political suicide and they know it.

So what in God’s name have they done?

Former print journalist, former mayor, retired law enforcement officer. Writing about politics and government along with random personal essays.

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