What is it good for?

Carol Burt
4 min readMay 4, 2023
Photo by Thomas Kelley on Unsplash

Why is it wasted on the old and dying?

If we are to accomplish anything in this short life we are given, shouldn’t we have been born smart — or at least with some common wisdom? But no, most of us (prodigies excepted) are born dumb as doorknobs.

Babies don’t know that hot burns. Eh, some of us never learn that and other common sense. There are, too, as often noticed, those who do not have the sense to get out of the rain.

Most of those lacking common sense are young. This is true.
So, the purpose of our lives is to grow into wisdom as we age.
So we can then die.

It kind of pisses me off when the Universe makes no sense. And that makes no sense. There is no logic to creating advanced beings (wise and well-studied old people) just to dispose of them and all they knew when their physical lives are done.

And don’t talk to me about some brilliant spirit that hangs around. That’s about religion, and there are dozens to choose from if you want to believe you are to live forever. But the brain, where our best scientists say our smarts are stored, is physical. I’ve seen brains smeared on a highway; brother, it is physical. Just strange-looking gray flesh.



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