You are one of my favorite medium writers. As is always the case, in your writing I find ideas I can relate to. (I know I’m supposed to say: ideas to which I can relate, but I didn’t want to.)

Your piece hit home, although I’ve recently adopted more of a “use it or lose it,” attitude — or more accurately, “use it or the kids will probably yard sale it.”

I offered my kids some of the photos and mementos of their school days I’ve saved for them over the years, carted from house to house, took up valuable closet space with, and guess what they said?

It was a firm “no, thanks, I’d rather eat dirt,” or something along those lines. They don’t want that junk crowding up their lives and homes.

I’m treating myself much better than I once did, and I’m “only” 68. My mom is 90 and I’m going to make sure she reads this, too.

Her mom, a Depression Era woman, always said, “waste not want not.” My mom says it. And I say it, too. Often. I think I’ll say it less, unless doing so is injurious to the environment.

Thanks for sharing your insight!

Former print journalist, former mayor, retired law enforcement officer. Writing about politics and government along with random personal essays.

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